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Lover’s Binding Charm Spell

Lover’s Binding Charm Spell

You will need the following items for this spell: Saucepan

Red wine

Rosemary Leaves

Anise seeds


Clear Honey

Orange Rind

Ground Cumin

Rose Geranium Scribe both thy name and that of thy lover on the back of the photo. Draweth three complete circles around the names. Stuff the photo, the nutmeg, the lodestones, and thy hair into the bag and seal tightly shut. Anointeth the bag with seven drops of the oil, one at a time, and chanteth: BE BOUND TO ME BY POWERS OF VENUS!NEVER SHALL A THING COME BETWEEN US!NEVER A THOUGHT OF WANDERING AWAY!THOU ART BOUND TO ME FROM THIS DAY!Speak out this incantation with each of the seven drops of oil placed on the Charm Bag. That is, seven times in all. Thereafter, anoint the bag each Friday with the same amount of oil and repeateth the same incantation with each drop. Keepeth the Charm bag secluded out of sight under thy mattress.

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