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VALENTINE’S DAY LOVE SPELL 1 It’s Valentine’s Day and you don’t have a date? Everyone else around you is on a really romantic date with the one they love and here you are stuck at home watching mushy movies on television. Well there’s some good news for you mate, you don’t have to do that anymore. This spell, a special Valentine’s Day love spell is sure to drive away all your loneliness woes. The best part of this spell can be performed for couples and singles as well. Materials Required: A red satin cloth cut in the shape of a heart Red candle Mirror White satin cloth Pins – 7 Incense stick – rose, lavender or basil Ylang ylang oil Method: Start this spell on the Friday before Valentines Day. Make sure that this spell is performed atleast one week in advance. First have a cleansing bath and rub ylang ylang oil on your body, especially at the key pressure points. Then choose an appropriate position in your bedroom and lay out a white cloth in that area. Place the mirror directly opposite to where you are sitting. Make sure you sit at the center of the white cloth. Then cast an imaginary circle around yourself and light the candles and the incense sticks all around you within the circle that you have cast. Place the red heart cut out in front of you along with the pins. Now look in the mirror and chant the following verse: “I call upon my love, my soul mate To take me out on a date Seven times I pierce your heart And pray to Venus for her magic to start I bind your heart to mine This Valentines Day my love shall be thine. “ Chant this verse seven times and each time you have completed the verse pierce one of the pins on the heart. Leave the arrangement for 24 hours. Snuff out the candles and the incense after the ceremony is over.

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