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AKASHIC RECORDS What are the Akashic Records? OK, seemingly basic question. An excellent place to start. “What are the Akashic Records?” When you hear the term Akashic Records, what comes to mind? When I first heard it, my first thought was of a giant filing cabinet of information. Some people think of the Akashic Records as a library, or a book. Some think of it as a database. But according to the Records themselves, they are another dimension called the Akasha. The Akasha is a higher dimension than the dimension we live in. I know, it’s weird. But stay with me. In the Akasha, every thought, idea, and action from the past, present, and future is stored ad infinitum. If you’re familiar with String Theory, the Akashic Records is basically like a database of what’s happening in all the universes that are co-existing together. The Akashic Records are basically a record of what will happen, is happening, or has happened. Because they are a higher dimension, the rules of time don’t really apply. Time is a flat circle to the Akashic Records, so information from 2,000 years ago is as accessible as what happened to you yesterday. And what happened to you yesterday is as available as what could happen to you — if you stay on the same destiny trajectory — in 10 years. how experts describe the akashic records Interestingly, everything has its own Akashic Record. Your soul has an Akashic Record, your house has an Akashic Record, your dog, even your relationship! You can open the specific Records of things to ask questions that pertain to them. the akashic records show us potential outcomes If you’re anything like me, the concept of The Akashic Records is intriguing. Honestly, what really got me interested in the Records was the similarities I saw between String Theory and quantum mechanics and The Records. The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics states that there are parallel universes that exist side-by-side, and for every action, we take there is an infinite number of universes that co-exist at the same time, right next to us, in which we did NOT make that action. You can read more about the “); background-size: 1px 1px; background-position: 0px calc(1em + 1px);”>Many Worlds Interpretation here, but it relates to the Akashic Records because they both tell us that there are infinite outcomes for our actions, but there is an outcome that is *most likely to happen* for every step that we take. For example, in most universes, if you throw a fork at the wall, it will hit the wall and fall to the floor. But according to Many Worlds Interpretation, there might be a universe out there in which you throw a fork at the wall, and it rebounds right back to you and pokes you in the eye. Or gets magnetized to the ceiling. Or goes right through the wall. It goes on infinitely. why are people skeptical about them?

Anyways, people doubt the validity of the Akashic Records for a few reasons. One reason could be because they ask the Records for an answer about the future, only to find that it doesn’t come to fruition in the way the Records described. The thing is, we’re always in control of our own destiny. The Records just tell us what the most likely outcome is going to be based on the trajectory that we’re already on. But at any moment, we can decide to forge a new path and redirect our possible outcomes. It’s also easy to doubt the Records because it’s WEIRD to hear messages in your head! You might write off the information that’s coming to you as your own subconscious thoughts. And you know what, that might be the truth. Honestly, who knows? You can choose to believe whatever you want. But either way, by taking the time to tap into the Records, you’re opening yourself up to a source of knowledge that’s more potent than your conscious mind. Whether you believe that the information is coming from your highest self, or from the Akashic Records, is entirely up to you.

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