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TO HOLD A WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE ( LOW MAGIC ) Very effective Find a way to pull a long strand of hair from the top of the woman head .You can do this when she is asleep or when you are playfully running your hands through her hair , be creative , If its hard to get the hair direct from her seek another way via a comb that’s the second best and inferior to the hair pull directly from her roots of her head .Pour a small amount of cologne you does use in a small empty bottle so that it is about half full , Put the strand of hair into the cologne , Get three new needles and put them into the bottles as well apply some of your fresh ( cum ) in the bottle , On parchment or brown paper write you’re her name and date of birth and your desire on top of that using bat blood ink the paper , hair and the needles should be completely submerged in the cologne .Hold the bottle your left hand and concentrate your mind on the woman for a while and state your wishes to wards the woman , close the bottle and put it away for several days , Keep checking the bottle the bottle until you find that all or most of the cologne in it has been suck up by the hair in it .When that happens remove the hair carefully as well use one of the needle and sew it up in the pillow on which she sleep with another way you can sew it up in the mattress she sleeps on the side of the bed she sleep on if you share the bed with the woman ..if you decide to sew it in the pillow be sure not to mix up your pillow and hers …..the other needles must be wrap in the paper and keep safe and on every waxing moon sprinkle with the cologne to keep the energy alive ….towards the woman …. The basics of magic must be apply

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