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TO HOLD A MAN’s LOVE ( LOW MAGIC ) VERY EFFECTIVE Get a some hair from the mans head, its best to get it from the top of his head because acquiring it from a second alternative is weak from it direct root . Pour some perfume you use in a small bottle and place the hair in the bottle along with four new needles . You will need to go to the cemetery with the bottle of contents and a odd number of coins , now you will need a grave with some one you have known personal aspect which have die and bury there .BY Knowing the person in the walking waking life the petition will be execute in a faster manner , If you don’t know any one Then choose a grave of a male not more than 7 years older and not more than seven years younger than the target . On reaching the grave state clearly that you come in peace set the bottle on top of the grave , open the bottle and call the name of the dead seven times then bring forward your incarnations in your own words .ask the remains of the dead to help you place the man in question under your control .mention exactly you wish the spirit to do for you , state what specific action you want the man to take or not to take , how you want him to behave towards you . You must be clear and pure in your intent .If that is done dig the top of the grave if the grave is cemented beneath the head stone of the grave will do .12 inches deep will do as well . On doing so apply the coins and cover the hole , keep a little dirt which you have dig in your right hand .By putting the coins in the hole you have made payment to the spirit for the service required. Now stand and throw the dirt into the sky from your right hand saying ONLY ONCE …( Go spirit ..Go Go to the west ,the east, the south , the north go where ever ( call the target name ) and make him do my bidding ..Cork the bottle and take it home . Keep the bottle and the contents safe in a hidden place , Every seven days shake the bottle vigorously and repeat your wish .Before you ask your man for a particular favour shake the bottle and state your wish . Keep checking on the bottle and add perfume the same perfume you have apply to the bottle when the perfume get sucks up …You will see that the target goes out of his way to please you in any way you want The basics of magic must be apply

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