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TO FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH ONES EX-LOVER” “Perform naked, in the dark in your bathroom.

Things needed:

a piece of paper from a brown paper bag. torn on all four sides

a small pencil with no eraser on it

matchesa black candle

black powder incense, add valerian root, red pepper, and mullein leaves

9 black walnuts still in their green husks

a silver coloured metal bowl

Place the walnuts in the bowl undress at midnight on the night when the moon is dark

“I the dark with no light write your ex name on the piece of paper and say(Name of person)

This is the last time I will write you name!

Fold the paper in half so the name can no longer be seen.

Draw a hot bath and throw the walnuts into it. the water may turnbrownish. Get into the bath with the walnuts pour the dark water over your head nine times and each time you pour it say(Name of person) I wash you out of my life

Arise from the bath and pull the plug as the water runs out pick up the candle and hold it over the bath take the paper and set it on fire with the candle as it burns say

(Name of person) I burn you out of my life.

Drop the burning paper into the bath water wait a brief moment then plunge the candle upside down into the bath water to extinguish it while you say”

“Do not dry yourself with a tower only air dry. Collect the walnuts and the husk fragments and place them back in the bowlNow walkout side carrying the bowl and throw them away at a crossroads or street intersection saying:

(Name or person) You are dead to me and dead to me you’ll always bewander the world both near and far but touch me notfor dead you are!

Go home without looking back wash out the bowl and put it away. as long as you never write or speak the person’s full name again he/she will remain out of your life and your former love will be broken

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