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To Bring A Marriage Proposal

To Bring A Marriage Proposal

Items Needed:

2 red human figure candles (that correlate to each’s gender)

Doves Blood Ink

6X6 Parchment Square

Flannel bag

Love Oil & Powdered

Love Incense

On the parchment draw a circle, and within it write your full name. Outside the circle write your intendeds full name. Anoint the candles and place them face to face on the parchment. Light the candles and the incense. When the candles have melted to stubs, press wax from each one together, so that they are one, place the wax, 7 pinches of the powdered incense, and the parchment into the flannel bag and seal it. Anoint the bag with the oil and say:

Lover, lover come to me,

By my side forever more.

Lover, lover marry me,

Thee I do adore.

Keep the bag under your pillow and anoint it weekly and say the words as you do.

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