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TO BECKON This is a very gentle spell– yes, the gray witch embraces this type of magic, contrary to popular belief. The purpose of this spell is to give a subtle suggestion to someone you wish to have contact with. This is not an in-your-face summons, but a soft tap on the shoulder; and this spell does not force anyone to do anything they do not wish to do. If the person to whom you beckon likes the feel of the energy you send their way, they will respond.This spell is all about energy, and that’s all you will use in the casting of it.Find a peaceful comfortable spot to plant yourself, either outdoors in the midst of nature, or in a space that you’ve structured for yourself to be conducive to meditation and concentrated thought– perhaps complete with soft background music (instrumentals only), candles, and incense.

When you have centered and grounded yourself and cleared your mind of disruptive chatter, hone in on the person you will be sending this energy to. Close your eyes and visualize their face before you, as you do, chant softly either their name– over and over in a mesmerizing sing-song chant, or you can repeat these words:

“Know I call to you,

Think of me,

Think of me,

So mote it be.”

You will continue chanting until you feel the energy build and roll, and when it has become overwhelming, send it off. Release it with a breath, with a hand gesture, with a sigh or a shout. If you’ve never done this type of spell casting before, you will come to recognize very quickly the feeling of building energy. Sometimes it has actually given me butterflies in my tummy, as though I were moving. And you will know when you’ve thrown it out into the world; it will often leave your space in a ‘whoosh’ that sends goose bumps rushing up your legs.

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