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The Witch Bottle Love Spell

The Witch Bottle Love Spell Items Needed · A glass Jar · Spring Water · Drop of your own blood · Strand of your own hair · Vanilla Extract · Rose Quartz Stone · Other items mentioned are optional Witch Bottles are popular in magick, and, though most often employed for protection, they can be effective talismans for drawing love into your life. In a clean glass jar, place some or all of the following while visualizing love being drawn to your dwelling: spring water, a drop of your own blood, a strand of your own hair, vanilla extract, and a rose quartz stone. You may also use any from coriander, cinnamon, hyacinth, licorice, yerba mate, rue, myrtle, jasmine, lavender, lemon, jasmine, mastic, rose, peppermint, thyme, or plum. Drawings or other love talismans representing your goal of romance can also be included. On a Friday or during a Full Moon, bury the sealed bottle near an entryway to your home. It will work for a year and a day.

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