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The Honey Jar Spell

The Honey Jar Spell

You will need the following items for this spell: A red candle (if you want passion)

A pink candle (if you want romance)

A red or pink rosebud (according to your choice of candle colour)

A few drops of wate

rA jar (with lid) of clear honey Light the candle and say: “I call upon Aphrodite/**** Goddess of Love/****to be with meas I make this magic and that her presence givesme her blessing.And it harm none, so be it.” Hold the rosebud in your power hand and sprinkle the water over it. As you do so say: “This flower is my romantic allureI freshen it so it be pure.And it harm none, so be it.” Take the lid off the honey jar and holding the jar gaze into it and visualize yourself and your new lover in a romantic or passionate situation, according to your choice. When you see a strong picture of the two of you together, laughing, obviously in love and relishing each other’s company, say: “As honey to the bee is sweet,May true love sweep me off my feet.And it harm none, so be it.” Still chanting the words, press the flower into the clear honey and when it is righ in, replace the lid, saying the last line of the invocation one more time. Now extinguish the candle, and take it to your bedrrom along with the honey pot. Put the jar under your bed and leave it there for a complete Moon cycle. Every night, just after the sun has set, light the candle and let it burn for an hour until it has burned right down. After 28 days, take the honey from under your bed and eat just one spoonful. Continue to do this every night at the same time and by the time the jar is empty you should have attracted a new lover to your side.

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