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SUMMONING POWDER You’re going to create this powder and use it in a variety of ways to summon to you a particular person. You will sprinkle this powder on a piece of clothing you may have that belongs to the target; on correspondence that you’ve saved, or on a new piece of correspondence you’re mailing out; on the target’s property– their doorstep, the walk before their house, etc.– in secret, of course.However, a safer method, and one which doesn’t have the potential of getting you into trouble, would be to put the target’s photo, signature, or name paper in a red flannel mojo bag and add summoning powder to it. You keep the bag, and you decide what to do with it and when. This also gives you absolute control over the spell, the target, and the outcome– I like this option best.Crush and blend the following three ingredients, of equal amounts, in your mortar and pestle:Bay leavesCinnamonAniseTo this succulent mound of herbs, add Drawing Powder (powdered sugar)– in an amount equal to the batch of herbs you’ve just crushed.Voila’…Summoning Powder.

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