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Strawberry Sex Spell

Strawberry Sex Spell

If the passion in your relationship has waned and your partner is now moving on to greener pastures but you’re not quite ready to let go yet, you can lure him back with this spell. 1. Choose a large scrumptious strawberry and sleep with it in your vagina for one night– preferably during a waxing moon. 2. You’re going to have to be on decent terms with your partner in order to invite him for coffee or a meal. And during the course of this event, you will feed him a delectable dessert– perhaps a cupcake. The ingredients for this cake will be made with the minced strawberry that you slept with and, yes– a dash of nutmeg, as well as a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar– Drawing Powder. The objective of this spell is to raise your partner’s desire for you; to inspire lust, passion, and fidelity between the two of you; to make the idea of sex with someone else repulsive to your partner; and to lure your partner back to you– right where you feel he belongs.

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