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Following are the things that you may require to cast the spell:

1. Jar

2. Red string

3. Love herbs ie Rose petals, Lavender, Patchouli, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Rosemary, Chamomile,Cinnamon and any other that mean anything to you

4. Rolled Cinnamon bark

5. Gold leaf

6. Holy Water

7. Commanding Powder

8. Come to me oil and Commanding oil

9. Pink 3 day pillar candle

10. Paper

11. Photo of each target

12. Incense

Now given is the procedure to perform the spell. Just follow it in the exact manner.

On a piece of paper write your name and your spouse or lover’s name and date of birth followed by the petition of your intention.

Use the petition to create a sigil

Carve the petition into the candle

Place all the herbs, gold leaf and holy water into the jar

If you have personal items of the target ie hair, semen, etc place that in the jar

Burn the incense

Summon Amon or whatever deity you work with.

Place petition, pictures, sigil and jar on altar

While chanting the petition coat the pictures and sigil in the oils and a drop of your blood

Place the pictures facing together with the petition between them and roll them with the cinnamon bark towards you ( still chanting the words on the petition) and bind the red string around it 9 times.

Place scroll In the jar and seal the lid

Coat the candle in the oils, powder and place it on the jar

Spend some time meditating your intent over the flame

Charge the sigil with the flame of the candle and scatter the ashes into the air

Leave Jar on the altar.

Each night for three days spend some time meditating over the jar and chanting the original petition (the candle should be left burning over the three days)

On the third day when the candle has burnt down open the jar and place the candle remains inside and reseal the jar tightly.

Either bury the jar, throw it into running water or leave it on your altar and burn the occasional candle on it when you feel the need

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