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Sex Spell

Sex Spell: Carryout this spell for three nights in a row starting on Tuesday midnight during the waxing moon. This is just a sex spell and not a love spell. It works only to make your target have sex with you to your satisfaction and that’s it and nothing more. Materials needed: • Lust oil

• Three red candles

• Picture of target

• Small Black cloth The Spell: • At midnight when you know your target is far asleep, place the cloth on a table or your toilet seat. And draw an up triangle with the apex facing the south or north on the cloth using the lust oil. • Anoint the candles with the lust oil and place then on the points of the triangle. • With a Red pen, write your commands of lust at the back of the picture thus: “(targets name 3x)… You shall Lust after me,You shall desire to have sex with me,You shall fill up with passion to make love with me all day long and all night long.And you shall have no rest until you fulfill my desires for sex.So mote it be” • Now anoint the forehead, heart, sexual organ, and feet of the target picture with the oil and place it inside the triangle to the centre. • Light the candles and recite the following invocation 3x: I call to Thee,Powers of nightPowers of darknessPowers of Lustful delight.Travesty time and space and go forth to (targets name)Break all her defence andFill her with lust, and passion of having sex with me all day long and all night long.Torment her mind and soul with the desires of having sex and making love with me.Let her know No rest until She fulfill my desires of sex and love making.So mote it be” • As you recite the above invocation, imagine red thundering lights of lust and passion striking your target with lust and passion towards you. See her desiring to have sex and Make love with you. • Now gaze at the picture and recite your commands (writing at the back of the picture). As you say the commands try to masturbate while imagining yourself making love with her passionately, tell her all you want her to do while having sex with you, tell all those crazy words you would say when making love. • At the point of organism, fill that all you are doing is real and live, hear her screening and doing all those crazy stuffs you hear when having sex. Release the power into her and hear her say those lovely and crazy words of love making, to you. • Ground and center yourself, then thank the forces invoked and extinguish the candles. • Go to bed with the picture inside your pillow case. • Forget about the spell and sleep on. • After the last night of the spell try as much as possible to make her see you. Try as much as possible to talk to or with her. Do this path until she falls for you which should not take more than seven days if the spell was performed as instructed.

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