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Rose petals

Hibiscus petals

Ground Frankincense


Raw, organic brown sugar

Male candle

Female candle

Black yarn or twine

A white plate or one with flowers

Dried Lavendar

Dried Damiana

Dried catnip

Coconut oil Step 1:Do a ritual bath (ingredients based on what scents make you feel grounded and at peace) with red, pink and/or white candles surrounding the tub. Focus on love and happiness, your intended or if you are open to true, soul mate love from the Universe, then focus on how you see your soul mate and the love you two share. Take deep breaths, slow your thoughts, and truly focus. Ask the goddess to bring the earth, air, fire and water in alignment for you and your soul mate to be together and connected in every way that is good and doesn’t harm anyone in the process. Finish the bath after you feel connected with spirit… Do not dry off Masturbate with coconut oil When finished, thoroughly rub candles with your hands (coconut oil mixed with your sexual fluids) While focusing your intent, gently sprinkle the petals, lavender, catnip and damiana on the plate and candles. Then do the same with the frankincense, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Take some of the mixture and rub on both candles. Light match under each candle so it melts a little, then place on the plate facing each other, touching. Tie candles together with twine or yarn Light your candles. Focus on your lover, soulmate and call him or her to you. Ask the moon, the goddess or whomever your spirit draws strength from to make it so. Focus on this until you feel relief that it is done. Pour the love of the divine (honey) around the plate on top of the mixture and focus more on the intent. Bring the plate into your bedroom. Place on your dresser or nightstand. Lay down on your back spread eagle. Envision your lover there with you. Masturbate and upon climax tell him or her you are ready and waiting. Rest and dream about your lover. When you awaken your candles should have melted. Hold the plate in your hand while you thank the goddess for her guidance and for making it so. Place the plate under your bed. Say a psalm or other petition of your own. Walk away and know that it is so. See what happens….

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