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Satanic Love Spell

Satanic Love Spell

Items Needed: 5 pink candles

Mistletoe Elecampane


Love drawing oil Photo or statue of Satan upon your workspace

Combine equal parts of the chopped and dried herbs, enough to draw the shape of a pentagram—5 pointed star—on a prepared altar or table with this mix. Upon each candle carve a trait that you want your lover to have, for example “Likes Poetry”, “Charming”, “Beautiful” …etc. For the best results you should keep it short—no more than 3 words.

Place one candle at each of the 5 points of the pentagram. Each day, for the next 5 days, light one of the candles and let it burn all the way down, as you light it chant: Satan, Satan, Happy Satan bring me a lover who is (say what you wrote on this day’s candle) and who will fill my heart with joy. So be it.

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