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Ritual Oil Formulations B

Binding Oils ~ Druid Curse Dill – 1/16 oz

Anise – 1/8 oz

Galangal – 1/4 o

zHyssop – 1/16 oz

Myrrh – 1/4 oz

Banishing Oil 1/2 oz. olive oil

15 drops pine essential oil1

2 drops rue essential oil

10 drops peppermint oil

7 drops pepper oil

Add crushed black pepper corns and an obsidian or black onyx chip. Mix during a waning moon for best result.

Black Arts oil:

1/4 part myrrh

1/4 part patchouli

1/8 part cinnamon

1/8 part gum Mastic

1/8 part galangal

1/8 part Vertiver

Sage, a few drops

Special Crossing oil used only for placing hexes on hated competitors. Use with extreme care.

Black Arts oil 2

One double boiler

grapeseed or olive oil

two teaspoons mullein herb

1 tsp wormwood herb

1 tbsp Patchouli herb

3 black berry leaves

1 tsp mandrake

1 tbsp Myrrh resin

Graveyard dirt (optional)

Put water in the bottom part of the double boiler and herbs and about a cup of oil in the top part of the boiler. Boil the water and let the herbs steep in the oil for approximately 10 minutes. When the oil is well scented with the herbs, strain thoroughly and put in a bottle or jar. Add 9 drops of 190- proof alcohol (Everclear) to The Brew to preserve it. Note: you can use the above direction to make any type of oil from herbs.

Black arts oil 3:

1/2 part patchouli

1/2 part black pepper

fragrance oil

pinch of valerian root

pinch of black dog hair

pinch of black mustard seeds

pinch of Spanish moss

pinch of mullein

pinch of powdered Sulphur

9 whole black peppercorns

Planning to half ounce carrier oil, such as almond. For all works of hexene, banishing, and cursing. Works extremely well to rid yourself of a person or situation that you cannot rid yourself in any other way.

Black Cat Oil

· Essential oil of clary sage or dried, crumbled sage or clary sage leaves

· Essential oil of bay laurel or dried, crushed bay leaves

· Essential oil of myrrh or solid myrrh resin

· A bit of steel wool

· Fine iron shot

1. If you have a black cat, pick a hair off the sofa and add it to the mix (or alternatively, if your cat will let you, gently cut a small piece of fur from her body).

2. Blend with sweet almond oil, unless using for hexes, in which case, blend with castor or mineral oil.

Black Cat Oil is used to break bad spells and hexes, but also to attract positive attention from the opposite sex. If protection is your major desire, blend the ingredients into castor oil and jojoba oil. If romance is your motivating factor, substitute sweet almond oil for the castor oil.

Blessing Oil Frankincense Powder – 1/2 oz

Benzoin Powder – 1/2 oz

Add 2 tblsp of mixture to 2 oz carrier oil. To purify and bless altar & tools. You should be able to make several portions.

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