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Ritual Oil Formulation S

Spider Oil:

1/2 pt Egyptian musk

1/4 pt Rose Geranium

1/4 pt

A dark essence used in workings of destruction or binding. Helps in situations calling for manipulation.

Seduction Oil

It is said that this oil will help you seduce anyone you may choosewhen worn as a perfume.

Anoint behind the ears, under the leftarmpit, in the back of the neck and between the thighs. 5 drops Civit oil

5 drops Musk oil

2 Cardamom seeds crushed (remove from pod)

drop Patchouli oil

1/4 oz. Carrier Oil Add crushed ingredients to 4 oz carrier oil.

Spirit Contact and Tool Consecration Oil one part Myrrh

one part Fine Cinnamon

two parts Galangal

2 oz of Olive Oil

herbs are half the oil volume)

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