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Ritual Oil Formulation D

Dark Moon Oil 7 drops Jasmine Oil

2 drops Chamomile Oil

3 drops Patchouli Oil

1 drop Sandalwood Oil

DOMINATION AND CONTROLLING OIL RECIPES Domination 4 parts Patchouli 4 parts Vetavert 1 part Lime 1 part Frankincense 1 part Calamus root 1 part licorice root Keep a piece of Calamus Root in the master bottle. Use in all ways of Domination. Anoint seals, mojo bags, candles, etc. Controlling 1/4 part Clove 3/4 part Vetivert 1 part Calamus root Keep a piece of licorice root in master bottle for the bend overenergies this blend needs. Use to anoint all candles, seals, mojo bags.

Divination Oil 1 part musk oil1 part ambergris oil (expensive)

2 parts vetivert

2 parts violet (dried crushed petals)

4 parts lilac (dried crushed booms)

Add to 2 oz coconut oil or hazelnut oil Divination oil will open up psychic vision for clarity and increased eyesight.Used as anointing oil on the forehead (third eye) and the temples for discernment.

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