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Return To Me Photo Spell

Return to Me Candle Spell Ok, another candle spell. What can I say? Candles spells have some pretty powerful magick to them. Especially when you are looking for “reunite lovers spells”.

Your supplies are: • 1 pink, red or white candle

• Vanilla oil

• Red yarn or string Use something sharp to inscribe your initials on the candle (approximately half way down), and then your loved one’s initials over top yours. Not above, but actually write over the first letters. Then anoint the candle with vanilla oil. Tie the string around the candle with a bow so that the know lies over where the initials are carved. Light the candle and let it burn until it reaches where the carving is. Blow it out gently, and set it on your altar with the intention of finishing it when your loved one returns. Add a little oil to the initials each day until then.

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