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Goofer dust has been around for a long time and it possess great power.

You can get this dust from your suppler or online , however you can get it your self first hand from the cemetery,

Select a grave any particular grave and proceed to dig under the head stone of the grave , dig about 5 to 6 inches and put the dirt at that depth into a bag an envelop etc.

Before leaving for home leave an odd number of coins , pennies or cents in the hole you have dig and cover it up.

It is very important as well when you have select a grave and before you start to dig you say aloud you come in peace , make the appropriate incarnation .

When you collect the dust in this way cross a river or running water or over a light square camphor at least 3 times before going home with the dust.

Having acquired the dust either way by store or on your own …You can sew it up in a piece of clean black or red cloth .

At least once a week apply incarnations into the cloth by consecration and anoint the cloth with van van and high john the conqueror oil.

The dust treated in this manner has the power to attract to you the things you desire in life .

The cloth containing the goofer dust must be kept on you , in your wallet , purse , hand bag , pocket etc.

As often as you can carry it with you.

Or better yet …keep it with you .

At least once a week apply your incarnations and anointing and bring forward your incarnations and state what you want , you can hold it in your right hand and do so as well ….In time success cannot help but come to you

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