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Original Arrow Spell Of Love

Original Arrow Spell Of Love Step 1: Carve a heart in a red candle, and“dress it” with love drawing oils. Step 2: Burn the candle on your altar…makesure the room is only lit by the candlelight. Step 3: Place an eight of wands card uprightnear the candle so that it is easily visible. Step 4: Place a rose quartz beside the cardand candle. Step 5: Once the candle burns down, place thecard underneath your pillow so that it canprovide romantic insight and inspiration whileyou dream. Step 6: During the day, wear the rose quartzin a charm bag, pocket, or tucked into yourbra (if you are female) to attract and maintainthe love you desire. Even if you are already “in love”, it isimportant to keep the flame of love burningbright. That’s what this spell will do for you… andif you are still in search of YOUR perfect love,this will speed up the process.

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