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Nutmeg Fidelity Spell

Nutmeg Fidelity Spell

This spell uses nutmeg and its notorious reputation for inspiring fidelity. The use of intimate garments with the nutmeg is a form of sympathetic magic. Think well on this spell before you cast it– remember that it will bind you into a mindset of fidelity just as much as it will bind your partner. Items needed:1. Ground nutmeg

2. A red flannel bag that’s large enough to hold two pairs of undergarments

3. A pair of your underpants and a pair of your partner’s

4. A safety pin

5. A piece of parchment paper and a pen On the parchment paper write your name and the name of your partner over the top of each other– spit on it. Fold this paper into a small square and place it in the red flannel bag. Take the undergarments and pin them together with a large safety pin, also placing them in the red flannel bag. To this bag sprinkle copious amounts of nutmeg; and, depending upon how squeamish you are, you could add a few drops of menstrual blood. Keep this bag hidden in the bedroom. If your partner has occasion to be away for periods of time, on those occasions, take this bag into your bed and sleep with it.

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