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Marquis Andras

Demon of the Night … Marquis Andras (Night Demon) The Demon Andras is a Fallen Angel and 63rd of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Andras is a great marquis in Hell who rules over 30 Legions of Demons. He appears in the form of an Angel with either a raven head or a wooden owl head,rides a black wolf, and carries a gleaming and sharp sword. He creates discord and kills those who are not careful and wary, including the master, servants, and all assistants of any household. He teaches people how to kill their enemies. Dates: December 13th – December 21st (Connolly)(Tikaboo)(Night Time)Alternate Dates: January 30th – February 3rd (Runyon)Direction: SouthTarot: 10 of WandsPlanet: MoonMetal: SilverElement: Air/Fire (Under Amaymon)Color: Violet (Purple)Plant: VioletIncense: JasmineZodiac: Sagittarius Demonic Enn: Entay ama Andras anay Original text from the Ars Goetia: “The sixty-third spirit is Andras. He is a great Marquis, appearing in the form of an angel with a head like a black night raven, riding upon a strong black wolf, and having a sharp and bright sword flourished aloft in his hand. His office is to sow discords. If the exorcist have not a care, he will slay both him and his fellows. He governeth 30 legions of spirits, and this is his seal, etc.” From the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford “Andras is a spirit and guide of the dead, and of Infernal Initiation. He teaches the assumption of bestial forms, of lycanthropy and astral transformation. He also sows discords and destroys enemies of the sorcerer. He is a spirit of death, and will slay many by natural means.” From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly “To help conceal the truth from others. Invoke Andras to resolve ongoing situations between people (usually by bringing them to a confrontation). While confrontation may not be desired, it will prove a quick resolution. You may invoke Andras with any demon of strength or influence to give you an edge.” From Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (Liber officiorum spirituum) by Johann Weyer “(53) Andras is a great Marquis , and is seen in an angelic form, with the head of the blacke night raven, riding a strong black wolf, with a sharpe sword in his hand . He can kill the servant, and all assistants, he is author of discords . He rules 30 legions.” Step by Step Instructions on How to Summon Andras: Preparation : First of all: Knowing what you desire from Andras is the first step before summoning. Now : Try to get familiar with Andras. Try to know everything about him. Have a Purpose. Know Exactly why you are attempting to contact Andras. Try to find out WHAT PLEASES Andras and what you are willing to offer in return for his services. Prepare your ALTAR. If you don’t know what an Altar is click here.Decorate your altar with : Candles – Incense – Water and Earth – A MirrorLay down your Athame on your altar. The sigils below are to be inscribed on the torso of the altar in the proper order: left upper, right upper, left lower, right lower, navel center. Keep in mind that the altar is a representation of the same. These represent the Eastern Star, and the secret names of four other demons. Now : Take a Bath / Shower or Clean yourself up. During washing try to think about Andras and how your meeting will be. After your Bathing Ritual – put on some clean clothes. You can wear a Robe if you want but the most important thing is that whatever clothes you will wear it must be CLEAN. When you are finished you will need SALT. Draw or trace a triangle or circle on the ground before your Altar with SALT into which you will manifest Andras. This is NOT to imprison Andras as so many Christian grimoires will tell you; it is simply creating a space where all of Andras’s energy can gather and manifest. You can make the triangle or circle as plain or as decorated as you like. Next, you will inscribe the sigils of Lucifer and Lilith in the palms of your hands. After the altar and all preparations are made, stand before your altar and DRAW the Sigil of Andras on Clean Paper. After that you draw the Sigil of Andras onto your Forehead. ( Use the Mirror that’s lying on your Altar ) You must not be disturbed in any way. Meditate on the Sigil and on the Name of the Demon. ALWAYS treat this paper/sigil with extreme respect. Now : Remain in your Protection circle or Magic triangle and light your candles and incense. Inhale deeply the smell and aromatics. RECITE THE FOLLOWING PRAYER: IN THE NAME OF LUCIFER, RULER OF THE EARTH, GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, I INVITE THE FORCES OF DARKNESS TO BESTOW THEIR INFERNAL POWER UPON ME. LORD LUCIFER, LIGHTBEARER, BY YOUR GRACE, GRANT ME, I PRAY THEE THE POWER TO CONCEIVE IN MY MIND AND TO EXECUTE THAT WHICH I DESIRE TO DO, THE END WHICH I WOULD ATTAIN BY THY HELP, O MIGHTY LUCIFER, WHO LIVEST AND REIGNEST FOREVER AND EVER, I ENTREAT THEE TO INSPIRE AndrasTO MANIFEST BEFORE ME THAT HE MAY GIVE ME TRUE AND FAITHFUL ANSWER, SO THAT I MAY ACCOMPLISH MY DESIRED END, PROVIDED THAT IT IS PROPER TO HIS OFFICE. THIS I RESPECTFULLY AND HUMBLY ASK IN YOUR NAME, LORD LUCIFER, MAY YOU DEEM ME WORTHY, FATHER. After reciting the Prayer blow the smoke upon the sigils, chant the name, and the desired outcome of your session then the demon will begin to guide you from there. Now : Andras can manifest in different ways. Through the Mirror that is lying on your Altar. You will see Andras in the Mirror. Or he can manifest himself through the smoke from the incense you are burning. Talk to Andras with lots of Respect. Explain why you want his help. Try to have a deep conversation with Andras. After your done tell him what you are willing to offer. Now, let me remind you that you must dismiss the demon once summoned, as you do not want it taking up residence in your home, yourself, or your loved ones. Demons are masters of their realm, they have great power and skill to talk you into a situation where you forget to dismiss them, just don’t do it. Never forget this step. When you are finished. Blow out the candles and wash the sigil of Andras from your forehead.

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