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Make A Lover Obsessed With You

Make A Lover Obsessed With You Items Needed:

Glass jar with a lid

Real Cotton (cannot be synthetic)

Square of brown paper (can be from a bag)

Red candle

Dove’s Blood Ink

On the paper write your targets name with the Dove’s Blood Ink, wrap this paper in cotton and place this inside the jar. Fill the entire jar with cotton. Tighten the jar and light the red candle on top of it while you pray, or chant, your desire. When the candle has been consumed, place the remaining wax, if any, and the jar under your bed. Do not open the jar or remove the jar from under your bed. If you chose to break this spell remove the jar and open it and throw the contents inside away, and get it all the hell out of your house ASAP. It is important that you NEVER write your name on the paper with your lover’s name, only theirs goes on the paper!

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