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LOVE POTIONS Potions are powerful tools that can enhance spells or be used on their own to create love where none existed before. They can be essential oil mixtures, used in conjunction with candles for maximum effect, or decoctions or other edibles taken by mouth. CLARY SAGE POTION This essential oil combination can be used to draw a new lover to you, or it can enhance harmony in an existing relationship. You will need: 3 drops clary sage oil1 drop sandalwood oil1 drop ylang-ylang oilA small bowlA pink or red candleMatches Stir the oils together in the bowl and then rub the mixture all over the candle. Light the candle and burn for three hours. Be careful to gently snuff out the flame, as blowing out the candle will blow your wishes away. Repeat each day as necessary until the desired result is achieved. CITRUS POTION This essential oil recipe is best used when you have a lover in mind but that person thinks of you only as a friend. You will need: 3 drops lavender oil1 drop lemon oil3 drops orange or tangerine oilA small bowlA candle of any colourMatches Stir the oils together in the bowl and then rub the mixture over the candle. Light the candle and say the name of your love interest three times out loud. Let the candle burn for three hours before you snuff it out. To heighten the effect of this potion, you may also light the candle when you and your love interest are together (but you must not say why you are performing the ritual). FLOWER HERB POTION Mix up this potion before you pay a visit to the person you wish to be your love. You will need: Small bunch marigoldSmall bunch lavenderSmall bunch rosemaryMortar and pestleA shallow dish Place the herbs in the light of a full moon for three hours. Next (and this can be done the following day), strip or pluck the soft leaves and petals from the stems of the herbs and flowers. Using the mortar and pestle, muddle the leaves together until their fragrance is released. Transfer the concoction to the shallow dish and place in a room where you know your love interest will be spending time.

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