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Love binding spell

Love binding spell Materials: 1 pencil 1 red candle picture of you picture of the other person The pictures you are to use in this spell must not contain the image of any other person. Only his/hers in his/her picture, and yours in your picture. On the back of his or her picture, picture, write “I love you,” and on the back of your picture, write “you love me.” In dove’s blood ink. Light the candle and look at the pictures. While you do, visualize the both of you together in real life. Then pour the candle wax on the front of both pictures and quickly stick them together. While you do this, you have to say out loud this incantation: Two souls come together as one, under the sun, and under the moon. Lastly, place both pictures under your pillow and sleep with them there until your loved one becomes yours.

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