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Lilith’s Lust Spell

Lilith’s Lust Spell

This spell invokes Lilith, the notorious and unruly ‘demon wife’ of Adam. Her powerful and dominating sexuality is what caused their rift, and invoking the spirit of Lilith raises tremendous raw lust and sexual energy. A warning however– It isn’t wise to invoke this entity in a home where there are newborn or young infants. Lilith’s unquenchable appetite doesn’t stop at sex. Day: FridayHour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise;3rd/10th hour after sunsetPlanet: Venus Moon Phase: waxing/fullColour: redHerbs: for lust– cardamom; love & lust– ginseng; fidelity– a pinch of nutmeg, just to keep a leash on the energy being releasedOil: a sexuality oil or patchouliStone: pink quartz or blood stoneSymbols: the yin/yang symbol to highlight “female/male” energy; I also intertwine the symbols for Mars and Venus– a mingling that radiates the energy of copulationDeities: Lilith First, you have to put yourself in the mindset for the type of energy you’re going to receive from this spell. A long luxurious bath, satiny bold coloured lingerie, oils, and images…whatever it takes to arouse in you the heat of your own sexuality. On a red candle carve the symbols and Lilith’s name. Anoint the candle in oil and roll it in the combined herbs; set it up and light it and your incense as well. Music that throbs and gets you swaying and moving without thinking is wonderful for this moment. Begin to slowly move with it, closing your eyes, allowing the rhythm to fill you and sensations to wash over you. Begin calling to Lilith, chanting to her, moving with her, feeling her in the pulsating rhythm of the music and your body. Lose yourself in the moment and in Lilith. When the energy climaxes and the peak is reached, you will know she has arrived. Make use of her energy for this night; she will leave as abruptly as she came.

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