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Letter Love Spell

Letter Love Spell Items Needed:7 red or pink candles 7 sheets of parchment 1 dram of Fire of Love Oil A packet of Come to Me Incense A Packet of Attraction Powder One on of the parchments write a letter with red ink, dove’s blood, to your lover. Sit it in front of you. Light some incense, while doing this call out your lover’s name 7 times. Carve your lovers full name into a candle and anoint it with the oil and sit it upon the letter.Sprinkle a ring of attraction powder around the letter and candle and visualize your lover in your arms. Place a cup of rose water close by and light the candle and say: Mystic be the number seven which summons the lady of love from heaven. Read my letter of perfect love, I send into the ethers high above. Bind fast to me my chosen one, send out my thoughts, so be it done. As you stare into the water by candlelight, visualize your love with your love how you would like it to be. You must sit and stare while calling out your lovers name over and over, until the candle is close to burning out. Before the candle burns out, burn your letter with its dying flame. Do this for 7 nights, in a row. Begin on a Friday when the moon is waxing.

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