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Jackball For Love

Jackball For Love Materials: Red or pink yarn Love incense (you pick) Love oil (you pick) Personal item from your target Honey Sugar Rose Quartz Crystal Lavender Rose Petals Light your incense and blow a bit of smoke over the items which will be inside the ball, hold the yard over the smoke to consecrate it. Now with either wet paper, or melted wax roll all your ingredients up into a ball, pass the ball throw the smoke—anoint it with oil. Say a prayer or command, whatever you want, over the rolled up items as you begin to wrap the yarn around it in an X shape, still repeating your command or prayer, keep doing this and wrapping the string until the contents are completely covered. Leave a long piece of string loose. Take a needle and thread this left over yarn, and stitch it into the ball to make a loop. Tie it off and cut off the excess. Dangle the string from your finger letting the ball be smoked by the incense, reciting your prayer—keep this up until the incense burns out. Once a week you will need to feed it—anoint it with oil—and recite your prayer. Store it in a cloth bag. You can also add seals, and symbols, or sigils from this book to the jackball as well. A paper with your intent written in dove’s blood ink is also helpful.

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