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Grounding can be done before and after magick spells in order to release excess energy and strengthen your connection to the Earth.

Here is a simple yet beautiful grounding meditation that you can perform: Imagine that you are in a beautiful spot in nature, perhaps on a hill where you can see woods and flowers and animals around you.

Center yourself. When you have done so and are relaxed, gently begin to expand your centre downwards through your body until it meets with the earth below you.

It is easier to do this the first time if you are outside and can actually feel the ground, but it is not necessary.

Before you go any further, listen to your own heartbeat, your own inner music.

Keep hold of that, as it will help you stay within yourself and move to meet the earth at the same time.

Press down through the earth until you can feel like you are also a part of it.

Sink a root deep into the earth like a tree does.

Extend yourself out a bit further and listen.

Listen for the music of the earth, the deep drumming rhythm of her heartbeat.

Listen to how it matches your own.

Connect the two and feel her around you.

This place is where you can draw from when your own energy is low, when you need comfort, or when you just need to dump out bad feelings and energy.

The earth will take it all and recycle it and return it to you.

When your connection to the earth is secure, draw some of its energy into yourself.

Learn the feel of it and let it mingle with your own.

Let it slowly fill you as you let go of the bad experiences of the week.

Give them away and let them drain from you even as you replace it with pure, clean energy of the earth.

Let it fill you until you are full.

When you reach that point, imagine it coming out the top of your head like a tree trunk or as branches.

Reach them up into the sky.

Feel the energy of the sun and the world and let it come into you as well, mixing with the others, driving away all the dark, murky, and bad corners of the soul.

When everything is balanced and steady in you, see your branches drooping back over and brushing the earth in a graceful arch.

Let them connect into the earth and let the energy flow through you, up and around and return through the branches to the earth in a large, slow circle.

When you feel clean and whole, slowly stop the flow of energy.

Close off your root to the earth a bit and return to your own center.

Let all the excess energy that you have return to the earth through the branches until you are no longer bursting with it, but remember to always keep enough within yourself to feel whole and well.

Let the images of root and tree fade until you are back within the center of your being only. Stay in this place until you feel whole and rested and within yourself again.

This may take some time. If you have trouble, place your palms flat on the ground and force some of the energy back out of you and into it. You’ve probably kept a bit too much. As you become more proficient, you will be able to listen to the world and what she has to say to you.

When you are centred and grounded into yourself and into her, your thoughts will often clear and you will know what you need to do.

There will be many times that you have wonderful ideas to try something new here. Don’t be afraid to try this.

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