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How to cleanse a second hand Mirror

How to cleanse a second hand Mirror If you are anything like me you are a resourceful Witch that adores charity shops hunting and finding second hand bargains, these items though always contain something of the energy of the previous owner and should be thoroughly cleansed. Fabric items such as clothes are easy, as are bowls and pots and glassware, however how do you cleanse something like a mirror? Mirrors are portals and great stores of energy, having the ability to absorb not only the energy of the people that gaze into them but also the environments and situations that they observe and therefore must be cleansed appropriately. Here are my suggested steps. 1. Wash the mirror’s surface well, with salty water or Florida Water, lunar water or water mixed with essential oils such as: Frankincense Lemon Cypress Cedar wood Lavender 2. Wipe the wood or metal or whatever the frame is made out of over also, being mindful of what you use depending on what it is made out of, especially if it is painted wood. 3. Using White Sage or Mugwort thoroughly smudge the mirror allowing the smoke to flow over and all the way around its surface and the frame. (See 4) 4. Light a Black Candle and then use a Blessing or Chant of your own creation to aid your purposes, you may wish to call in the cleansing power of Deity or guides for this also. Set your intention clearly in your mind to release all attachments, trapped energy or negative situations stored in the mirror and direct them into the Black Candle flame to be absorbed and burnt. (Dispose of the candle away from your property). 4.Place the mirror on a clean white cloth in moon light and allow the moon to clear any residue energy, a Dark Moon or Waning Moon is most beneficial for this. 5. You may chose to then; Lay your mirror out again, this time on a Full Moon and ask Luna Selene to fuel the mirror with positivity and vibrant light, aiding you in manifesting positive health and abundance within your home, your health and your life. 6. Remember to send out your gratitude and offerings to whatever deities or energies that have aided you in this process. You mirror should now be cleared and charged and ready for use. #tip you may wish to repaint your mirror or carve or draw protective symbols into the frame to further enhance it. #tip if for some reason you still do not feel right about the item or its energy, take it to the tip and recycle it. Don’t pass it on to someone else.

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