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GOETIA …THE PENTAGRAM ( THE BEGINNING ) GOETIA …THE PENTAGRAM ( THE BEGINNING ) The rites and rituals of GOETIA MAGIC include the casting of the circle both as protection for the summoner ( US ) and also as a preparation for consciousness shifting.

There are the usual sacrifices and supplications etc …so I will give an insight of the circle in the ritual for those who DO NOT KNOW the arts of Goetia it is a combination of God mighty names and his archangels as well , along side the mighty demons that’s why I does always say every thing connects HERE WE GO ….

Stand facing towards the east.

Make the sign of the cross visualising it as formed from golden sunlight, saying ( In thy hands is the kingdom the power and the glory ….

The Kingdom will come at the bottom of the vertical ,the Power on the right the glory on the left.)

Clasping your hands together as in prayer ( YOUR OWN INCARNATION ) ending with ( For ever and ever Amen.)

With the right arm straight fingers extended as you ( I ) blessing draw the sign of the pentagram beginning and ending at the uppermost point visualising it as formed from golden sunlight.

Bringing the fingers down into its centre saying ( In the Name of ADONAI I open the east)

Repeat what is mention whilst facing the South, West and finally the North.

Return to face the East.

Open the arms wide so as to form a crucifix of the body visualising the archangels in their respective quarters facing into the centre in whatever form most suits you saying ..( In the east RAPHAEL In the west, GABRIEL…… In the South, MICHAEL In the North….URIEL …..

About me flames the PENTAGRAM

Behind me shines the SIX RAYED STAR

Finally, drawing the cruciform above your head say..( Above my head is the Glory of God, In whose hands is the Kingdom the Power and the Glory, For ever and ever AMEM…. YOUR ARE READY TO PERFORM YOUR DISIRE AND MOVE FORWARD IN ANY DIRECTIONS YOU WISH !!!!!!

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