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For Gay Men

For Gay Men Safflower petals should be burned as incense on charcoal, smoke yourself with the fumes before going out in search of a sexual partner. Also dried Safflower flowers and Sampson Snake Root can be steeped in Safflower oil, and the oil should be rubbed on the back of the knees, thighs and buttocks to attract a male lover. To keep your gay male lover sexually faithful and true to you, bind up two whole Unicorn Roots with red or pink string and dress them daily with stay with me oil. I should note that a few drops of black devil oil in the shoes, and on the bottom of the shoes will keep your man from straying as well…and if he does, the black devil will make it impossible for him to get aroused. The black devil oil method can be used on women as well. To ignite Love Between 2 Gay Men: Mix equal parts of lavender love drops oil and fire of love oil and dress a red penis candle with this. Take a jack of hearts, for a younger man, or the king of hearts for s man your ago or older—write his name across the head of the card and if known, his birthday across the foot of the card. Lean the card against the candle and recite song of Solomon 3:1-4 over the candle and light it

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