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Finding your soulmate spell 3

Finding your soulmate spell 3 Need: · Pink Candle · Coriander Oil · Rose Quartz · Silver Dish · Rose Petals · Painting or drawing of your ideal partner (you can cut out magazine clippings –remember this is a ‘representation’ of the kind of person you want – example; a honey jar if you want him to be sweet, money sign if you want him to be rich etc) On a Friday evening start this spell by placing all of the ingredients on your ‘love altar’ that you have/will create specifically for the purposes of working love spells. This spell is purely a visualisation spell where you and your beloved will be united by the power of the Gods/Goddess for the good of you both – but you are not binding anyone specifically to you – you are encouraging the fates to bring you love today and are simply specifying what you want in this mate. Place the Rose Quartz on a silver dish and leave it by the light of a new moon. Kiss it and place the rose petals over it and beneath it. Let it sit there for 5 days (the rose petals on top will likely fall off, which is why you put some under the crystal as well). After the five days, take the quartz and wear it or keep it with you at all times.

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