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CREATING A DOLL ( BEGINNERS TO ADVANCE ) In the making / creating of a doll there are several factors to take into consideration.

First what will you use to stuff the doll?

Second what color fabric should you use?

Third, what color thread? colors are very important it should come as no surprise that the colors of fabric used for the dolls have real importance. For eg….the basic rule in selecting the color of the fabric is to symbolize the central element of your goal with the color cloth you use. For instance, in a love ritual, select red fabric. Use purple for a protection ritual and white for healing or uncrossing. Selecting the color of the thread depends upon any sub factor which might be involved. For eg, if you want to control an adulterous husband, make the doll of red fabric and sew it with purple thread because purple is the color of commanding, compelling and controlling. If you want to protect someone who is ill, use white fabric and purple or possibly blue thread you have to know the meaning of your colors which is another topic . To manifest money make a green doll and sew it with purple thread. The thread symbolizes not so much your goal but rather your desire for that goal. For an all purpose love ritual use red fabric and red thread.

A word of caution about fabrics. You must not use any sort of synthetic fabric or thread! You may use any natural fiber you like but avoid the modern plastic based fibers. Experience has shown time and again that synthetics sometimes render herbalism ineffective. Unfortunately you may find it difficult to get pure cotton, silk or other natural fabric these days in the exact colors you wish since everything seems to be moving towards synthetics. My best advice is to obtain a few yards of cheap white cotton thread and dye it yourself to obtain the various colors you need. Fortunately silk and cotton threads are still available in many different colors.

The stuffing of a doll also depends upon its purpose. Normally the stuffing is made of herbs which relate in attributes to the dolls intended purpose. For eg , in a doll you might make for luck, you wouldstuff it with luck herbs. In a doll you make for love, you would stuff it with love herbs.

Most of this is very obvious but it never ceases to amaze me how many people select totally inappropriate stuffing herbs for their dolls.You may also use the various oil and incense recipes for stuffing. For instance, if you were making a doll to uncross someone, you could use the herbs called for in the recipe for uncrossing oil (rose, bay, lavender and verbena) for the doll stuffing

A variation on the stuffing is to add a few drops of one of the oils to the herbs you have selected.

For eg lets say you are stuffing a green doll with fast luck herbs (rose, juniper and patchouli). Put a drop or two of commanding oil or power oil into it just to heighten the effect and speed things up.

Very often a doll is used on the altar during a ritual and it is important that the doll never be touched by anyone but you. When you are finished with the doll, you should keep it wrapped up in a white natural fabric cloth and store it in a clean place where only you have access to it.

Although hexing dolls are always buried or destroyed when their job is done, dolls made for white herbal purposes are not always thrown away. it could be devastating to lose or get rid of the doll. In general dolls made for the objectives of love, healing, etc., should be kept until the desire has been fully accomplished. Then they may be disposed of accordingly ….

If you are not particularly talented at sewing, do not worry! Because I am not as well .The point of the doll is not necessarily to look pretty, but rather it is meant to provide you with a focus for your own innate telepathic abilities.

The size of the doll is completely up to you but rest assured that size has nothing to do with effectiveness. Probably the typical doll is about eight inches long.

You may be as elaborate in the design of your doll as you wish, adding eyes, features, clothes, facial details but this elaboration will not drastically enhance the power of the doll. ….personal objects obtained from the person you are symbolizing with the doll will tend to lend greater power according to most sources who have written on this subject.

Fingernail clippings, hair, a piece of clothing all of these serve to form the psychic link between the doll and the actual person. Placing the item(s) into the doll is similar in effect to how a sprinkling powder places a ( (bug ) in the area where it is placed. incense.

For eg, if you have made a love doll of a person and stuffed it with lavender, rose, jasmine and violets (all love oriented herbs), you would then want to grind up some of that combination in your blender / or mortar and pestle to sprinkle the person house the next time you are there….

You have probably seen practitioners sticking pins into ( voodoo dolls ) in movies and TV.

This is actually a very common practice, but it is not necessarily evil!

Unless it’s a destruction working , for eg …if you make a red love doll for some one and stick a pin through its heart, this is not going to give the person a heart attack, but rather it would stimulate his/her ( heart ) to feel love for you.

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