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Ritual Oil Formulation M

Morrigan Oil Morrigan Oil is used for overcoming enemies, Goddess worship, will power and courage Use to invoke or worship the goddess. Morrigan can aid you in battle, overcoming enemies, prophetic efforts, waning moon and banishing magic. Morrigan (meaning “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen”) was the goddess of the circle of life. She is a triple goddess as well as a water goddess. She is fearsome and strong, as well as vindictive and vengeful Ingredients: Olive Oil Carrier Mulberry Essential Oil Vetiver Essential Oil Hyssop Essential Oil Oak Bark Oak Bark Powder Hawthorn Berries Hawthorn Powder Red Sandalwood Powder Ginger Powder Black Tourmaline Crystals Black Crow Feathers

Money Oil

Blend this oil up ahead of time, and use in rituals calling for abundance, prosperity, good fortune, or financial success. Money spells are popular in many magical traditions, and you can incorporate this into your workings to bring prosperity your way. To make Money Oil, use

1/8 Cup base oil of your choice.

Add the following: 5 drops Sandalwood

5 drops Patchouli

2 drops Ginger

2 drops Vetivert

1 drop Orange

As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma. Label, date, and store in a cool, dark place.

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