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Communication Spell

Communication Spell If communication has broken down, or you have lost touch with someone and would love to hear from them again it may be worth trying this spell. You can do this during any moon phase. You will need a white candle, and a piece of paper and an envelope. This also works if someone owes you money or has done something to hurt you and you would like them to consider their actions and maybe apologise. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, light your white candle and on a piece of paper write to the person concerned. Address this just as you would if it was going to be posted. Put absolutely everything down, miss nothing out, however horrible it sounds, you need to release these feelings! Say things that you would not dream of saying normally, if that’s what you want to do. No one will ever be seeing the letter. Write down all you would like to say, feelings emotions, resentments annoying bits get it all down. Add their full name and yours plus dates of birth, theirs if you know it. Place the letter under your candle, let the candle burn down and out. (so don’t buy a huge candle) Next put the letter in an envelope and address it. Place it somewhere where you will see it often. Make sure that there is no danger of someone else posting it! Leave it for at least two weeks, four weeks is better. This spell works by going through to the person on a psychic level, although their ears may not allow them to listen on an everyday mundane level, they will accept it on a much higher level. It will then be left to them to think about what you have said. P.S. Make sure your candle is not a very long burner or you will be up all night!

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