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COFFIN NAILS Coffin nails are generally considered a component of baneful or negative magic and have a rich history in Hoodoo and other magical systems.

However, they (or any nail) can also be imbued with properties of what is called “fixing down” energies or sealing a spell. An Iron nail is preferable because of it’s energetic properties; real coffin nails (those formerly used to affix a coffin lid or any parts of a coffin) are a rarity! It is alleged that the use of coffin nails in magical spells and ritual raises the level of power and its focus. Coffin nails are primarily used to offer protection by negating or neutralizing malevolent influences rendering them useless, to break spells and curses, for dark art and Luciferian initiation as well as for closure, purging, revenge and destruction. The exact roles and rituals of coffin nails in ritual use are dependent upon the particular craft practices of the magician. Coffin nails are magical instruments with intrinsic power that must be treated with respect, they are not toys or novelty items. If by some chance you do get genuine coffin nails, you MUST respect the spirit of the deceased who was in the coffin that the nails were used to make. In ancient times nails and spikes were made of Iron, these days they are made of steel, the exception of course is rail road spikes, but for subtle ritual workings only a nail will do. The modern nail is made of steel, which is a mixture of iron and carbon which will work just as well. Iron is a natural metal said to have a very powerful protective and disruptive energy attached to it. Folk magic practitioners use coffin nails as a way of connecting with the dead in the belief that the dead can aid in spell work. Magically, the spirits of the dead are believed to possess many abilities to influence and control things beyond the earthly realm. Some practitioners use the nails to work with a specific spirit or ancestor they knew or work with frequently. If petitioned for aid and paid properly then aid will be given and the power of the spell work will improve. But coffin nails are not limited to protection or curses; many practitioners of both folk magic and Pagan tradition say they can be used in almost any spell to boost the spiritual energy. In black magic, the concept is that whatever caused the death of the person from which the coffin nail has been taken, will transfer itself by what is called “contagious magic”, and cause harm to the recipient of the spell. Any evil spell is said to gain potency when coffin nails are used in place of the generally prescribed pin. In Africa, an image is often made of an enemy and held to be used when needed. Whenever one feels threatened by the enemy, a coffin nail is wedged into the image and this protects the practitioner from any evil intended by their enemy. In Voodoo, a spell that causes an enemy to go mad is performed with a voodoo doll, a coffin nail, and black arts oil. Coffin nails are still used today in rituals both in Wicca, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Obeah, Santeria, and others. Obviously for a number of reasons it is hard to come upon real coffin nails nowadays, because to deliberately go to an old graveyard and dig up an old coffin to get the nails and or wood, is desecration and can bring down the spirit of the deceased upon you, and the fucking police as well. You can make your own coffin nails using steel nails, or you can purchase a lot of 5 on amazon for around 7 quid…most occult shops have them as well.

Making Your Own Coffin Nails All you need is a package of nails, some graveyard dirt, a Ziploc bag, and these instructions:

Count out the number of nails you’ll need for the spell, and charge them with your desire. Place the nails in the plastic bag, and sprinkle them with graveyard dirt that is appropriate to your desire. (A few tablespoons will work.) If the spell calls for rusty nails, sprinkle them well with water.

Seal the bag and allow the nails to sit in the dirt overnight, and they’ll be ready for use the next day…


Nails from other places can be used in spell work as well:

Courthouse: To bring justice or to cause the target to lose his or her legal battle. Hospital: To cause illness. Jail: To bring jail or prison time. Mental Institution: To cause insanity. Police Station: To bring about an arrest. Workplace: To cause trouble for a co-worker or employer.

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