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Charging An Item

Charging An Item After you have consecrated a tool or item, you should charge it. Hold the item above your head. Take a moment to feel the swirls of energy around you. You should be able to feel them tug at you like a current in a river. In a clear voice, say: Let the sacred powers of the Universe unite and fill this (item name) with energy.By the Moon, the Sun, the Earth and the Stars, I charge this (item name) to do my will.So Mote it Be! Close your eyes and envision an energy bolt striking the item and causing it to glow. You should feel a subtle vibration while you hold the item. Your tool is now charged. Consecrate an Object Items needed: Incense – myrrh or patchouli preferably A white candle A bowl of water A bowl of salt The object to be consecrated Light some incense, preferably myrrh or patchouli and a white candle. Take the item, cover it with salt, place your right hand over the bowl (unless your left handed, then use your left) and envision a white light leaving your palm and passing through the bowl, washing away all negative energies. Then say: “Blessed Lord and Lady, with salt and smoke I consecrate this tool in your name. Let it serve me well.” Remove the item from the salt, shaking off the salt as you do so, then pass it through the incense smoke, sprinkle it with water, then pass it through the candle flame. Your item is now consecrated

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