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Candle Melding Love Spell

Candle Melding Love Spell As the wax in these candles slowly melds together, so will you and your loved one be slowly drawn back together. All you need to perform this spell is: • 2 red human figure candles• Ginger oil You can use regular red candles if you can’t find any figure ones. Anoint both candles with oil and place them side-by-side in a candle holder or dish. Separate candle holders might not work because the candles must be touching. Light both candles, and think about your loved one as the wax begins to run together between the candles. You have to concentrate on your spell until the candles are joined by melted wax. Then repeat the chant: Candles burn and wax will runYou and I again are one Repeat it several times until you feel you’ve made your point. You have to then let the candles continue to burn until they go out on their own

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