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CALLING THE DEAD…. NECROMANCY ( method of calling , insights ) Moderate If some one who have died you know with some vital info that you require , what ever it is you can perform working to retrieve the information by going to there grave and getting things done which you will be venturing into the world known as necromancy .

Be certain that you possess the courage from beginning to end to complete the task , You will need two sacks one made of red cloth and the other of white the cloth should be sew with black thread and strong enough to hold the weight of some dirt,

Carry alone some coins in odd numbers meaning 3 ,5 or 7 , the coins must not be silver .In advance know the questions in which will be ask , be serious this is not a game so the ritual must matter .The is most powerful on a Wednesday while the planet mercury is ruling between the hours of 12 an and 3 am .

On reaching the grave , Strip butt naked and chant out aloud ONLY ONCE ( I come in peace ) Then proceed to dig a hole on top of the grave , yo can use a knife or a small scoop . As you dig the hole full the two small sacks with the dirt as the bags is fill put the coins in the hole and cover the hole from surrounding dirt , as yo do so say the following only once ( In the name of GOD I make payment here and again “ call the name of the dead person “ for help I shall ask of your spirit , Now if the grave is cemented over , where would you dig , In that case dig the ground near the or underneath the head stone , or cross that mark the grave , the coins should be put as I mention above . Starting from the east direction walk slowly around the grave in an anti clock wise direction . As yo walk hold the red sack in such a way that the dirt trickles from it into the ground after you . As you do so repeatedly call the name of the dead person in a slow form voice When the dirt in the red sack runs out . Repeat the process with the white sack . When the dirt is finish from the both sacks . It should from a circle around the grave with you inside / within the circle . please hold the sacks in your right hand when you are moving anti clock wise around the grave . After doing so , stand on top of the grave , then start to call the name of the dead person repeatedly and state clear and firm the calling is to call for an appearance of the spirit to answer questions or to bring forward answers .Continue calling until you feel the grave have tremble beneath your feet . Pause for a very short while, then resume calling again in a much firm tone and repeating why you summoned the spirited of the deceased , From experience several things may happen when the trembling stops …. You may envelop in whitish smoke and hear the voice of the dead person as how it was when they was alive … You may suddenly see a human form shape on or near the head stone , the form will proceed to walk to you , Do not look at it for to long at a time , rather look only briefly at it and cast your eyes away or look down wards as you commence to ask your questions …

You may may not see the apparitions nor the whitish smoke as I mention rather you may only hare a voice coming from the grave …

What ever happen it is important that you do not run , but stand firm and ask the voice or the questions you are seeking answers for . It is vital that you have your emptions in check and do not be afraid …losing balance will invite lurking entities .However do not stay to long in the presents of the form if it does appear …. A duration time of an hour I very good for your conversation , beside at 3 am the voice , spirit / apparition will disappear . After obtaining the info need , give thanks to the spirit and leave the grave by breaking the circle with your foot or hand get dress and leave . Unless ask ny the spirit , do not reveal your contract within you and the entity, you may only do so if the spirit say it must be done as we the spirit will reveal to you who to past the into to and when …

PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST APPLY YOUR PROTECTION BEFORE PROCEEDING …..People this goes deep ..very very very deep ..This is just a small insight

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