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Casting Instructions for ‘Call To The Elements’

Call to the element of Fire Go to a natural area on a sunny day, then say :

”Element of fire, I call on you,

May your flames strengthen and bless all things that I do.

Psychic strength is linked back to physical fitness,

Become stronger and your magick knows no limits.

Fine me up to stay motivated and physically fit,

For personal power is magnified from a healthy Witch. ”

Call to the element of Earth Go to a place with plenty of trees, then say :

”I am anchored in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

I sink down roots into the soil so rich,

Making me a more grounded, strong and centered Witch.

My personal power is protected all the times,

With this practical earth magick, I am safe and fine. ”

Call to the element of Air Go to a natural area on a windy day, find a comfortable place and say :

”Element of air, now swirl around,

Awaken my senses with a humming sound.

Your fragrant breezes wash gently over me,

Removing harm, fear, and negativity.I am now empowered, refreshed, and brave,

Ready to handle whatever comes my way.”

Call to the element of Water Go to a beach on a sunny day and say :

”Element of water, please hear me cry,

Shower down on me like rain falling from the sky.

I re-establish boundaries in a healthy way,

Becoming, stronger and more secure every day.

Water, wash away,and cleanse all negativity,

Link me,to the powers of rain, lake, stream, and sea. ”

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