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Bloody Love Spell

Bloody Love Spell

It has long been believed that if a man ingests so much as a drop of a woman’s menstrual blood, he will fall helplessly, hopelessly, eternally in love with her. (If you’re squeamish at all– stop here now.) This is considered a binding spell, as the gray witch knows, and it’s considered the most potent love spell of all. A word of warning: this is one spell that is almost impossible to reverse. You want to think long and hard before you cast this spell on your ‘true love’, because at some point in your life you may discover another love that seems even truer, and the monkey on your back will be a partner who is hopelessly caught under your enchantment. Also, be aware that the menstrual blood must be fed to the target with magical intentions! In order to administer this blood, you must disguise it. Secrecy is what adds success to this spell; it is imperative in order for it to work. Traditionally a glass of red wine is the drink of choice; but it can also be hidden in a strong cup of coffee, a cola, or any other dark drink. The power and strength of this spell lay in the fact that the target will have no idea what hit him. To add even more magical power, it would be best if the moon phase is waxing– or full, or as near to full as you can get. Friday, linked to the planet and the goddess Venus, will add strength to it as well, or an hour of the day influenced by Venus. Dates connected positively to your relationship are also energy boosters, such as an anniversary date.

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