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Asunder You Shall Go: Dividing Lovers

Asunder You Shall Go: Dividing LoversThis is a spell that will be inscribed on the photograph of a couple or on a name paper for the couple, if a photo is not available to you. It can be added to a mojo bag that you create for this couple to make their coupling miserable, or in a candle magic spell to put things into action. The gray witch knows that to fulfill her wishes, her creativity and imagination will provide endless possibilities. 1. On one side of the photograph (or the name paper) draw a dividing line down through the center of the couple, or between their names, preferably with black ink– or blood. When you do this, do it with purpose, intention, emotion, and power. 2. On the reverse side of the photo/paper, write the following verse: “This coupleThe spiritsShall divideWith malice.”

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