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A Simple Love Spell

A Simple Love Spell K.I.S.S. … keep it simple sweetie. 2 pink candles for love. (Red for sex/lust)Love drawing oil and powder (follow me works too)OrOlive oil. Nutmeg and white sugarThin twine colour does not matter. Carve the names into the candles from top to bottom. Rub the oil and then roll in the sugar/nutmeg or powders. Tie them together to bind your target to you. Write a petition or name paper. Say any love rhyme. Lover lover come to me now 3 times is enough. You can read Song of Solomon 6:3 or 3:4. You can add red or pink rose petals to your plate if you like. Burn the candles down and dispose of the wax. Best to bury in your front yard. Cleanse before and after. Variation: if there isn’t a specific target, use one candle and carve “attraction” or “new love”. The rest is the same.

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